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Artful Auckland takes on the HRGC

For Auckland we ran our HRGC roadshow in the Art Gallery that we have in our building. Did it inspire some artistic or creative juices to flow? I’ll let you be the judge!

Like our other roadshows this was about sharing the key learning’s from the conference last year, but also continuing to pool ideas and suggestions for the HR Game Changer about town to add to their toolbox.

Here’s what Auckland came up with:

Candidate Stickiness:

  • Websites – we had a big discussion about how well we’re actually reviewing who is using our careers website or HR intranet pages. General consensus was that we could definitely get IT to give us data and use this to improve stickiness to our HR webpages. The team discussing this came up with using stats to see how many people are visiting different pages or using the resources provided and assessing whether what you’ve put there is even useful. Then thinking how can you drive more people there. How can you improve what’s there?
  • Use gamification to attract graduates with specific skills. Are there games or events you can run or competitions when graduates apply?
  • Simplify your recruitment processes. Don’t put talented candidates off by a hard to use process.

Culture & Change

The Culture & Change team focused on discussing how to use Yammer.

  • Who should be using it? What groups can you set up, how can you give people access (e.g. if you have people in your factory, could you have a terminal for them)
  • How you can use it? For induction to bring new employees and existing team members together, sign-ups for courses, sharing ideas.
  • What you should put there? The ideas discussed included updates, refreshers, L&D programmes, challenges and internal comms.

Learning Revolution

The Learning team filled up their flip chart with many, many ideas! Here were the game changers:

  • Focus on creating a culture of learning. Not owned by HR or L&D but where everyone wants to learn and there are many different ways to learn – mobile, coaching, mentoring, self-driven, informal etc. Have the WIIFM clear.
  • Re-brand L&D and create a better understanding of what learning is (it’s not a training course!)
  • Link learning to performance and business outcomes

Jason Marra from Fuel Agency also shared some thoughts about HR the brand. A brand is the external face that people see. Toyota’s adverts may have changed over 28 years but their philosophy is still the same. HR’s brand currently isn’t that positive (Jason shared some research he’d done on this) so it’s up to us to build the brand we want.

Some really interesting discussions and points that hadn’t come up in the other roadshows. Taranaki was the following day and did want to be combined with Auckland so I’ll write up their ideas separately!! Next month onto Hamilton and Tauranga! If you want to book for either of those just visit the Elephant website.


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