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HR Game Changing in wine country

On Wednesday I ran our HR Game Changer roadshow in Napier. I’ve never flown to the Hawkes Bay before (I’ve always driven) and love that the airport had bottles of wines embedded in the floor!!

As with Wellington, the session was to showcase what was discussed at the conference in September for those who missed out. Also for those who attended and didn’t get to come to each of the mini-conferences we had as part of it!

A fabulous group of HR people came along, ate, drank and sparked off a whole lot more great ideas.

Here’s what we came up with (and yes I better mention that the culture & change team won the night with the most suggestions!!).

Candidate Stickiness

  • Treat future employees or candidates as you do customers – market to them!
  • Use customer databases for referrals as well as employees.
  • If you are at the point of advertising you’ve missed the boat.
  • Work out what really makes your company/business attractive and use that.

Culture & Change

  • Look at where the culture really works in the organisation (either across or down) and showcase that
  • Accept there are differences and find ways to work with them, not against them
  • We need to get our SMT or owners to WANT to walk the talk and then walk the talk!
  • Create an urgency to push change along. Kotters change model – something has to change driven from the top down.
  • There is no point in measuring things if we’re not going to do anything with the results. Waste of time and we need to stop it!
  • Ask the questions more than giving answers
  • We are all at work for different reasons – be aware of that. Help managers understand that.
  • Start with the basics. Live what you believe in. HR should be role models!

Learning Revolution

  • Marry up content with interaction. We talked about using TEDx talks, video’s or on line modules but then having a discussion group to talk through what the learnings are. This could be an online gorup, or you could get people together, watch the TEDx talk then discuss! This adds the human element and means people can share what the video meant to them and what they took from it.
  • Point out the WIIFM (what’s in it for me). Teams are time poor – help them out of the black hole.
  • Plan out what your ROI (return on investment) is before the session and how the learning is going to be transferred. May sound like common sense but often is forgotten!

Thank you to all who came along for some great discussions and ideas and please let me know if I’ve missed any or not got it right from your post-it notes. I’d also like to thank the fabulous Megan Borrie for covering the venue cost and the wine – an essential tool when brainstorming.

I’m looking forward to what Auckland and Taranaki come up with this week. If you’re keen to book, just visit the Elephant website.


2 comments on “HR Game Changing in wine country

  1. Vaughan Rivett
    March 10, 2015

    In regards to candidate stickiness, I am not sure about the point that mentions “Use customer databases for referrals as well as employees.”

    As an employer there is nothing worse than a customer poaching your employees. As a general manager I lost about 3 employees to one customer (a government department). I also lost a long term contractor to a good customer. As a result there was damage to the relationship with the customer.

    I would imagine that the same or similar damage would be done when employing someone who works for one of your customers. I might not be the best thing to do.

    • angelaatkins
      March 10, 2015

      Hi Vaughan, I think the discussion might have been about mentioning roles that you have when you’re talking to your customers to see if they know anyone who might be a good fit. I agree customers poaching isn’t a good look and it would damage the relationship if the customer lost their employees to you too! Anyone else had good/bad experiences with this idea?

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