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Taranaki HR Game Changing

It was a beautiful day flying into the ‘naki and a great turnout for the roadshow. There was a lot of discussion and some disagreements and challenges but one thing that the Taranaki team were unanimous about – was not having their ideas combined with the Aucklanders!! So here’s what was added into the suggestion pool as we spread out into every corner of the BNZ business centre!

Candidate Stickiness:

  • For regional areas – look at ways you can attract people to the region. Use tourism groups or companies like Venture Taranaki. Look at paying for flights and accommodation to bring a candidate and their family to look around.  Then if they do relocate look at incentives and bonding and pay to relocate them. You could also look for sponsorship to help this happen. Note from me: I think this is a really useful idea. Currently many migrants stop at Auckland and aren’t moving out into the rest of the country. This puts pressure on Auckland and could be a great opportunity for other regions to attract qualified people.
  • Evaluate your recruitment and sourcing processes – for both the candidate, existing employees and the manager. Is it right for your company now?
  • Introduce tours of your company into the recruitment process for the preferred candidate. Are we showing them what it’s really like to work here?
  • Utilise apps and infographics to make your recruitment adverts stand out and get noticed!
  • Map the HR teams skill set (outside of HR technical expertise). Another note from me: again this idea hasn’t been discussed at any of the other roadshows. When we’re talking about innovating, I think this is a great idea to see who in your team has knowledge or experience in trying out new technology, creative thinking, learning agility etc.

Culture & Change

  • Use technology like the mood app to get more instant feedback on how employees are feeling.
  • Try and use walking meetings when you can.
  • We need to redefine performance reviews so we’re all clear on what approach we all need to take. That would be an ultimate game changer!

Learning Revolution

We didn’t actually get time to discuss learning ideas but this was one idea that came out of culture & change which I think fits nicely, so I’m putting it under here:

  • Innovate with adding in culture into our induction processes – so it’s not just policies and procedures. Experiment with taking a more staggered approach. People forget what they covered in their first few weeks – why aren’t we making sure we have 3 month, 6 months and 12 month induction processes?

Thank you to the Taranaki team for an energizing discussion and some new ideas/issues raised. The roadshow takes a short break for a few weeks then I’m off to Hamilton and Tauranga later in April. In the meantime we will be announcing the HRGC conference details very soon…..


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