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I’m back!

It’s been 3 years since I last blogged and the other day I realised that I missed it. Writing helps me sort out my thoughts about various things happening in the world – and right now there’s some fairly crazy crap going on. So I’m going to start blogging again!

Things have changed a bit for me since mid 2018. At the time Fraser and I were splitting our time between NZ, California and the UK (with a few months living in Hawaii thrown in!). We didn’t know where we could end up – we had no place that was our home anymore.

And then in June 2018 – Fraser went to the Bordeaux wine festival and fell in love. He came back to the windmill we were living in (we did some weird shit in our 3 years as global nomads) and said that maybe we should consider living in France. We went over to look for a house and I knew I had found my new place in the world.

And so since June 2019 we have been living in the south west of France, in a village near Bordeaux, renovating a 200 year old house, writing books (some of which may one day see the light of day) and learning French!

But I’m still connected to the world of HR through my work with Elephant. I still read about what’s going on in workplaces around the globe and I still hear about what HR people are going through. And it’s been a very interesting time.

So we thought it would be useful to see just what has changed – especially with the pandemic. We’re running a short survey through Elephant on 2021: The State of Play for HR. I’d love if you could take a minute or two to complete the survey – just click here – and then we’ll publish the results.

As for me, you’ll be hearing from me again soon!

Angela Atkins is the co-founder of Elephant Group who now operate in NZ, Australia, the UK, Canada and the US. She is the author of the Bites series of books and the Management Bites training programme. She is about to finish Management Bites Global edition. She now lives in the south west of France.


One comment on “I’m back!

  1. Nicola Dashper
    March 4, 2021

    Welcome back Angela

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