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The secret to being happy!

This year I’ve discovered a very simple trick to be happier and more satisfied with life. I found out about it after my trip to Denmark and reading up on what makes the Danish people the happiest people on earth. I tried it out and it’s worked! So now I wanted to share it with you.

happy woman with laptop sitting at the green field

happy woman with laptop sitting at the green field

Surveys around the world often measure whether people are expecting the following year to be better or worse that the current one. You would think happy people would expect things to be better. But no. In Denmark, most Danes say that that the following year will be worse. They expect nothing and then when it’s not worse – they are much happier than expecting it to be great and it only being okay!!

This may seem strange but I’ve tried it out and it is very clever.

When we’ve gone out to restaurant, I’ve found that if you don’t expect the food or service to be any good, you’re nicely surprised when it’s actually okay! Whereas if you expected excellence, you’d now be disappointed.

I’m back in the UK for a couple of weeks and I expected it to be cold, dark and miserable. Actually while it is cold, it’s clear and sunny and I’m feeling pretty happy about it and enjoying being cozy.

If you apply this concept of expecting nothing, you might too find that you’re happier and more satisfied rather than being disappointed by things.

It’s a simple as that!

And so I’m expecting nothing from 2017 and wish you the same. Because it may make us far happier in the end.


Angela Atkins writes about HR, management and lots in between. You can check out more of her articles on LinkedIn. She will be speaking at the upcoming HR Advisors Conferences in Auckland, Wellington and Melbourne in the new year. Her new book Safety Bites is also out on 1 February 2017. She is not expecting it to sell huge amounts of copies.

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