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Going Global

Can you launch an international training programme from little old New Zealand?

Last year I announced that was exactly what I was going to do – take the Management Bites programme global. And I planned to do it from NZ.

But they say the one constant in life is change!

While the legal action that made 2015 so horrible is continuing in 2016, I feel in a much better place and much more positive about the future. I feel that the HR industry is changing for the better and that there are people who will transform our profession. While I’m not working as an HR person anymore, I still want to support HR people to create that change. So good things are happening!

However I do feel I need a change and to put some distance on last year.

So Fraser and I are relocating to the UK in a few months to get Management Bites launched properly over there!

We are not leaving NZ behind. Elephant and the Management Bites programme will still continue here and we will still come and spend several months a year based in NZ. All our conferences will still continue!

The fantastic thing with technology connecting us all, is that I’m already part of a community of HR and L&D people in the UK that I’ve met through Twitter discussions, LinkedIn Groups and the HRGC (and it will be nice to actually meet you all in real life after talking to you via social media for so long!!)

I also know I’ll be able to keep up with what’s happening in NZ and keep in touch with everyone here – because I will miss NZ and I will miss the awesome HR and L&D community of people who been so supportive of me and Elephant and what we’ve been trying to do.

So I’ve ended up going global in a bit of a different way!

A good lesson that sometimes the road that takes you to where you want to go may be completely different to the one you imagined.

I will be in touch personally to say goodbye but it will just be a goodbye for now – not forever.

And as for the UK – see you soon!


Angela Atkins stopped working in HR last year, but is still supporting HR people’s professional development by organising conferences for Elephant (check out the upcoming HRBP Summit) and as Director of and She is the best-selling author of Management Bites, Employment Bites and Training Bites with Safety Bites due out shortly.

3 comments on “Going Global

  1. John Laurent
    February 12, 2016

    Good luck with your move Angela I wanted to meet with you to see if I could help with your litigation. I have come to the conclusion that HRINZ is a sick organisation and rotting from the top down. I am only still a member because it suits me. I don’t blame you for leaving NZ. Regards

    John LaurentAction Learning LtdPh 027 4505505E: Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  2. clairelegrice
    February 22, 2016

    Looking forward to seeing you in the UK Angela, all the best for the planning and travel!

  3. Meredith
    April 27, 2016

    Just finally caught up with the news re. your move! Wow! NZ’s loss Angela, even if you will be here during the year for conferences. I hope you find happiness and success in the UK.

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