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Something Wonderful happened….

I’ve worked for many large companies. While there, I’ve made friends with my colleagues and hung out with them outside of work, and I know lots of other people do the same thing. Nothing special about that.

The other week I was in the office with Kylie, from our support team and she mentioned that she’d had a play date with one of our Business Consultants, as they both have boys the same age. I also saw on Facebook that two of our team had done a bike and run event together.

Now as I said at the start, I know it’s not unusual for people to make friends with colleagues, and get together outside of work. It’s just something I never thought about back when I started Elephant.

We may only have a small team, but to know that people have become friends and are off doing stuff together – it just felt like something wonderful!

There are enormous challenges in starting and building a company – but there are awesome and amazing things that come from it too. This is one that made me happy. What I’ve learned from my experiences recently is that when something wonderful happens, we should take the time to celebrate and enjoy it. So this is me doing that!

On that note, before I finish with Elephant at the end of September, I will share some of the other challenges and wonderful things that have happened over the last 8 years – for anyone thinking of starting their own business or who has been involved in with Elephant.

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