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That scary moment: Training Bites comes out!

You know that scary moment. When you’ve been working on something for days, months or even years – and then you have to release it out into the world! Whether it’s an important email relating to legal or HR issues, a newsletter that you’ve put a lot of work into or a report that has taken you days to write – at some point you have to click on send, or print. And that can be scary. I know I’ve had emails or reports that I’ve procrastinated over when you get to that point that you have to send it.

I think different personality types respond to the scary moment differently. Generally, if your preferred style is dove (people focused, think things through) you might be worried about whether there will be any issues once you send the thing out – what will people think of it? What will they think about you? For owls (facts & figures) you’ll be scared that it’s not “perfect”. Should you spend more time checking it again? What if someone finds a mistake? For peacocks (creative, big picture) you’ll have got really bored already spending so much time on something so want to get it gone – but then at that scary moment the drama of the situation will kick in. For eagles (action focused) there are no scary moments. That’s just what needs doing!

This week I had my book launches for Training Bites. My scary moment was sending a new book out into the world. I’m a peacock and while I was over spending any more time on the book (after 3 years hard work on it!) I do have a bit of dove too so I was worried about what people would think. Would they like it? Would it be useful? Was it as good as my other books?

My favourite moment came at the Auckland book launch when I was talking to an HR Advisor who was telling me she had to put an L&D programme together for her company. She wasn’t sure of the different ways to do a Training Needs Analysis and as she was talking she was flicking through the book. Suddenly she said “Oh fantastic- there’s a chapter on doing a TNA!” She then told me the other thing she wasn’t sure about was how to write an L&D plan. She flicked further on then exclaimed “Oh my god! You’ve put an L&D strategy in here!! Brilliant!”

It’s that sort of excitement that makes it worthwhile. I want Training Bites to be a guide for anyone new to L&D with real examples, tools and techniques in it that you can use straight away whether you want to:

  • Run a Training Needs Analysis
  • Learn how to be an instructional designer
  • Design a great workshop, webinar, e-learning module or conference
  • Present at meetings or conferences
  • Be an effective trainer or facilitator
  • Know how to measure the ROI on your programme
  • Write an L&D strategy

So my scary moment this week? It wasn’t so scary after all!

And if you want to see more about what Training Bites covers or buy a copy – just click here.

Some pictures from the book launches:

Training Bites book launch Wgtn1Training Bites book launch AugTraining Bites book launch 1 AucklandTraining Bites book launch Wgtn 3TrainingBites book launch 2 Wgtn


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