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HR Game changing in Wellington

Last week I ran our HR Game Changer roadshow in Wellington. This was to showcase what was discussed at the conference in September for those who missed out. Also for those who attended and didn’t get to come to each of the mini-conferences we had as part of it!

But it wasn’t just me standing talking. The 20 game changers who came along also brainstormed and added their ideas to the pot!

Here’s what we came up with:

Candidate Stickiness

We went through the ideas shared at the conference in how to attract people to your business and make them stick! Here’s what the Wellington group also added:

  • Are we utilizing enough channels when we do recruit? It’s easy to get stuck in recruiting the same way that you always do. Don’t get bogged down being too busy to experiment and try something new to see if that brings new people to you. Advertise in different places. Think about different talent pools. Use social media and get employees to spread the word.
  • Ask new recruits and current team members what their experience of our EVP is.  It’s amazing how we forget what it’s like to be on the other side.
  • Use content marketing and thought leadership to attract people. How many of your CEO’s or senior managers write a blog or talk about what their vision is on your careers site?
  • Have open days so people can come and experience your workplace.
  • Have alumni groups or coffee catch ups with candidates or ex-employees.

Creating Culture

Next up I shared some of the key learnings that our culture & change presenters had talked about. Here’s what we added to the mix:

  • Are you creating talent pools from existing parts of your business? Are there career planning or retention initiatives in place? One company has a separate career planning division as managers often have a conflict of interest talking about their team’s career if the manager wants to keep them!
  • Are there interesting or appealing benefits that your company can offer to stand out and add value to existing and new employees?

Learning Revolution

One of my other hats is Learning & Development. I think it crosses over so much with HR and the Wellington crew got right in discussing some great ideas to build on the conference:

  • Go and check out axonify
  • Don’t use PowerPoints all the time. One person shared that during a financial presentation, the speaker drew up a financial model on a whiteboard and it was much more meaningful as everyone had seen how it came together – not just the finished slide.
  • Make sure you have gripping internal advertising for courses and development. If it looks boring, of course no-one wants to register to attend!
  • Really think about learning styles and different options when you’re designing sessions (and if you’re from an HR background and don’t know anything about instructional design – get on line and learn or go and talk to your L&D team!).
  • Use gamification or social media to share learnings (Yammer, Twitter etc).

I’m off the Hawkes Bay tomorrow so we’ll see what game changing ideas we can add! There’s also still time to enrol for the HR Game Changer roadshows in Auckland, Taranaki, Hamilton and Tauranga. Just click here for more information.

And I’m also still busy writing the HR Game Changer book so that we can capture all these ideas and discussions in one place. I may have been a little unrealistic with my February timeframe, so am now looking to have it finished by the first HRGC Conference in June!


2 comments on “HR Game changing in Wellington

  1. dcullen57
    March 3, 2015

    Some great stuff here Angela! My particular favourites are:
    – The separate career planning division
    – The whiteboarding of models as a way of engaging people in room – I really encourage facilitators to do the same here as it slows them down and allows the room to absorb a lot more of the information. As you point out, it also allows people to understand how something is built or put together, as opposed to a finished product. You really do respect someone a lot more when they run a great presentation without a powerpoint!

  2. angelaatkins
    March 3, 2015

    Hi David – I really like your point about respect. I think lots of people rely just on powerpoints now rather than finding other ways to engage with the audience.
    I used white-boarding yesterday rather than having it on a slide. It’s also more interactive for the facilitator! And now everyone can take a photo on their phone and keep a copy to refer to.

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